3. Fully Committed To God’s Call

Fully Committed To God's Call

In this episode, Philip talks about how he has fully committed to God’s call. He recounts how he stepped out of a pastoral role at a traditional church to fully pursue the task of multiplying disciples and churches in the suburbs of Houston!

Terms to clarify:

  • 3rd and 4th generation (gen) church – The first church started is a “first generation (gen)” church. Its “child” church is a 2nd gen church. The “child” of the 2nd gen church is a 3rd gen church and so on.
  • Oikos – More than a greek yogurt! Oikos is a Greek word that means “household” or “sphere of influence”. Practitioners often talk about reaching their oikos
  • No Place Left (NPL)No Place Left is a movement of people who want to have No Place Left for the gospel in their area. This means that NPL wants to get the gospel to every person and a multiplying church in every pace. This is in line with the mission of God in the Bible.
  • Apostolic Ministry – I’ll probably explore this in a future post or podcast, but the apostolic ministry in this context is not about writing God’s Word, but about pioneering new works of disciple-making and church-planting. This is often viewed as the work of the “missionary”.
  • Legacy Church – The established or traditional church in an area. This term is used to differentiate legacy churches from zero-budget churches that meet in homes, businesses, or anywhere else.

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