1. Healings, Demons, and Proclaiming the Gospel

Nick Duffy

Casting out demons? In the modern-day? In England?!

Today we talk to Nick Duffy from the UK who tells us about how he and his team are obeying Jesus’ directive in Matthew 10 to heal the sick, cast out demons, and proclaiming the gospel. His team is a part of the No Place Left coalition and is seeking to multiply disciples and churches in Manchester and beyond. Nick also talks about how they have been going to crack dens to make disciples and how a former addict is effectively contextualizing evangelism and discipleship in this context.

Ministry Terms Used:

The Three Thirds – The Three Thirds is a format that many simple churches and disciple-making groups use. It is an effective tool for getting to multiplication. Find a more full explanation here: https://youtu.be/QfzP2qDv0UY

One thought on “1. Healings, Demons, and Proclaiming the Gospel

  1. Like the ideas mentioned: praying God will miraculously heal and deliver; being wisely flexible with ministry expectations and procedures; knowing when to step back for a time or to move on to minister elsewhere; realizing it will be messy and uncontrolable by the ambassador.

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